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What happens if you visit an unsecure website?

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Believe it or not, unsecure websites can be very dangerous, bringing multiple threats and harmful content that can put you at risk. Most users might think that there is no real risk as long as they don’t download anything or click on a suspicious link. The truth is that although most online attacks start with an action, many take place without website visitors even realising or giving permission.

If you are wondering what happens when you visit an unsecure website, we have gathered all the information you need to know about this and how to make your website more secure.

What are the threats of visiting an unsecure website?

One of the primary threats of an unsecure website is attackers stealing sensitive information (like credit card details or passwords). What is more, hackers could install malicious software on your device or turn you into a victim of a phishing attack. In case of a cyberattack, hackers could place themselves between the user’s browser and the website server and steal or alter information. This also affects the website’s functionality and prevents users from accessing it. All this ultimately leads to losing customers and brand’s status.

As part of any SEO service, obtaining a higher ranking in the search engines is one of the main goals. What does this have to do with a website’s security? The lack of online security measures affects SEO in multiple ways. Firstly, if you are considering all aspects of SEO, switching to an HTTPS domain distinction is imperative to secure data. Another way your SEO might be affected by an unsecure website is that you could be hacked for link building and search engines could blacklist your website for this. Since a good user experience is fundamental for a good SEO, you have to make sure that your website is secured at all times.

How to secure your website?

If your website’s URL does not begin with HTTPS, it is highly recommended you update it. The easiest way to secure your site is by purchasing an SSL certificate – this will change your domain from HTTP to HTTPS and will guarantee a secure connection for you and your users. This not only proves that your website is secure or trustworthy, but it helps your website rank better with improved technical SEO that meets Google’s guidelines.

The take home

As seen above, there are multiple threats when visiting an unsecure website. Now more than ever, users value their data protection and any suspicious website would take their trust away. If you have an online business and you are planning to implement SEO for higher ranking and visibility, make sure you provide your users with a secure and unforgettable experience.

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